This article shows you step-by-step on how to install Product Reviews app automatically on your Shopify store. 

Step 1:

Go to, click Install Now and select Shopify as the platform to install. Then, follow the instructions to add app to your Shopify dashboard

Step 2: 

Choose Installation by (recommended) or Installation by You (for advanced user)

Step 3: 

Choose where to display your Review Widget and Preview Badge (product page, collection page)

  • Review Widget is our core widget, which collects and shows the product reviews on your online shop.
  • Preview Badge shows the number of your product reviews and the aggregate rating on your product and/or collection page.

Step 4:

Choose the type of theme you would like to install your widgets on. You can choose to install your widgets on a live theme (default) or on an unpublished theme. This helps to prevent theme concierge being installed on a live theme, which might break your custom CSS. When you choose unpublished theme, you can preview how the widgets look first and then publish the theme later on. 


  • If you don't have an unpublished theme, please read this article on Shopify Help Center to learn how to add themes.
  • You can change the theme on which you would like to work. This means all the setting changes and additional widget installation through settings (for example, adding the review carousel) will affect the theme you choose.
  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Installation Theme and enable "ON" button to allow theme concierge to install all the widgets in the live theme.

Step 5:

You can preview how everything looks in your theme now. 

  • If you are satisfied with everything, choose Yes, Looks Great.
  • Otherwise, you can do further customization on the widgets position, widget design or even remove all widgets.