How to feature reviews automatically 

This means that your newest 5-star reviews will appear on the review carousel.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Other Widgets > Review Carousel Installation.
  2. Scroll down to "How to feature reviews?
  3. Click on Automatic
  4. Save Settings


  • When you auto-feature reviews, your manually selected reviews will be replaced and it will take a few minutes to update the reviews.
  • When you import a batch of new reviews directly from CSV or from AliExpress Review Importer, it might take up to 2 hours for the carousel to update the reviews.

How to feature reviews manually

  • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Other widgets > Review Carousel Installation.
  • Scroll down to "How to feature review?" and choose Manual
  • Save Settings

  • Go to Reviews Page on dashboard
  • Choose what reviews you want to feature on the review carousel
  • Click on the "heart" icon located on the right side. You can un-feature the review in the same way.

  • You need to feature at least 1 review for the carousel to show
  • You can also filter reviews to feature as well (reviews with pictures, video reviews, etc.) by going to Reviews Page, click on "All Reviews" and search for options in the search box. See picture below

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