To download a *.csv file that contains all your review data, apply a filter for the reviews you would like to export. For example, date review:

Once the filter is applied, you will see a download button appearing on the page: 

Simply press the button and the filtered reviews will be downloaded. 

If you require an export of all reviews in the dashboard, please send us a request at 

The csv file doesn't include "Product ID" or "Product Handle" information though.

These are very important in order to perform an importation. So adding a new column including one of them(only one is necesary) is mandatory.

To get "Product ID" you can go to your Stamped review dashboard and for every review if you scroll down you can find the "Product ID" of the product that review is on.

The "Product Handle" is the last part of the product URL. For example, for the product handle is red-widget.

Note: If a product URL has params, those params are not part of the handle. So for the handle is still red-widget.