Pagefly is a powerful, easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder on Shopify. Pagefly provides perfect page speed and flexible customization of 50+ elements to help you build any page type: homepage, sales landing page, product page, collection page, and so on. is integrated with Pagefly, so users who install both apps can easily add Product Reviews when building their pages. This article gives detailed instructions on how to add element from Pagefly.

To get started, make sure both apps are installed in your Shopify store.

With Pagefly, we have two widget integrations: Review Widget and Review Carousel. Both of these widgets can be installed in the same way you install any section on Pagefly, by dragging and dropping. For other widgets (such as Preview Badge) that are not part of the integration, you can still add them manually by inserting the code of those widgets in your desired location in the Pagefly builder. 

1. Review Widget

This variation is used to show ratings of a particular product. Also, it allows your customers to submit a new product review. This variation only works on the Product Page of PageFly.

  • Once you drag the element into the Editor, it will pull all reviews of the assigned product. Then, you can edit the widget styling in app.
  • After that, Save & Publish the page when you are happy with the placement of the element.
  • Finally, check for the result on the live page.

2. Review Carousel

To display featured ratings on a PageFly page, including shop reviews and product reviews, you can use Review Carousel. It shows off all reviews in a modern and smooth slideshow. The carousel can be used on any page type.

  • First, open Product Reviews app > select Reviews.
  • Then, to pick the reviews you want to display in the Review Carousel, you click to bolden the “heart” icon.


Lastly, go back to PageFly page and hit Publish. Below is how looks on the live page.