Start showcasing your reviews in the widgets! Our user-friendly widgets make your reviews more prominent to potential buyers and increase your conversions.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the most important widgets. Check them out!



  1. Review Widget
  2. Preview Badge
  3. All Reviews Page
  4. Reviews Carousel
  5. Floating Reviews Tab
  6. Verified Reviews Count Badge
  7. All Reviews Text
  8. Medals
  9. UGC Media Grid

1. Review Widget

The Review Widget helps you collect and display your product reviews and star ratings on your product pages. This widget serves as social proof on your product pages, allowing your customers to evaluate your products, and provides additional information on top of your product descriptions. You can install the Review Widget and choose star color on our Forever Free plan, while the three widget themes and full customizations can be unlocked on our Awesome plan ($15/month).

Review Widget example

Need more inspiration for the Review Widget? Check our examples page.

2. Preview Badge

The Preview Badge helps you display your star ratings and number of reviews as a badge below the product title on product or collection pages. This badge helps your visitors quickly assess your products and add relevant social proof to improve your shop's conversion rate. You can install and customize the Preview Badge on our Forever Free plan.

Preview Badge example 

Need more inspiration for the Preview Badge? Check our examples page.

Preview Badge on the Product Page

Preview Badge on the Collection Page

3. All Reviews Page

The All Reviews Page helps you build a dedicated page to collect and display both product and shop-level reviews. This widget is a good place to redirect your visitors browsing through your shop to the specific product pages and convert them into customers. It also helps you collect more shop reviews and improve your search ranking. You can install and customize the All Reviews Page on our Awesome plan ($15/month).

All Reviews Page example

Need more inspiration for the All Reviews Page? Check our examples page.

The Review Carousel helps you create a carousel of featured reviews and place it anywhere in your store. This helps you showcase your best reviews and win the trust of your visitors, as well as upsell your most-loved products. You can install, choose among six carousel themes, and customize the Review Carousel on our Forever Free plan.

Need more inspiration for the Reviews Carousel? Check our examples page.

5. Floating Reviews Tab

The Floating Reviews Tab helps you add a floating tab at the side of your pages. Upon clicking on this tab, a pop-over opens for you to showcase and collects more reviews. This lightweight version of the All Reviews Page helps you convince shop visitors to buy when they are browsing through your shop. You can install and customize the Floating Reviews Tab on our Awesome plan ($15/month).

Floating Reviews Tab example

Need more inspiration for the Floating Reviews Tab? Check our examples page.

Tab opened

Tab closed

6. Verified Reviews Count Badge

The Verified Reviews Count Badge helps you place a badge with the number of verified reviews in the footer of your store. This badge is linked to your All Reviews Page and its appearance is changed as the number of your verified reviews increases over time. You can install the Verified Reviews Count Badge on our Forever Free plan.

Verified Reviews Count Badge example

Need more inspiration for the Verified Count Reviews Badge? Check our examples page.

7. All Reviews Text

The All Reviews Text helps you display the total number of published reviews and the average rating. This widget adds another social proof to the footer of your store to increase the conversion rate. You can install the All Reviews Text on our Forever Free plan.

All Reviews Text example

Need more inspirations for the All Reviews Text? Check our examples page.

8. Medals medals showcase the quality and quantity of your reviews. Such medals are strong indicators that help your customers "judge" the trustworthiness of your store and make better buying decisions. These medals are displayed on your store listing on the review site, and you can also add them to the footer of your online store. You can install the Medals on our Forever Free plan.

Medals example

9. UGC Media Grid

The UGC Media Grid helps you synchronize all the relevant feedback, in particular, the photos and videos you are tagged in on Instagram and publish the ones you like in a few clicks. Your published posts will be displayed in a nice media grid on your store homepage. UGC Media Grid is a free feature for Shopify.

UGC Media Grid example