Review Pictures

This feature allows reviewers to upload up to 5 pictures of their purchased product with their reviews.

This would help your shop to create high-converting product pages by showing your customers using your products.



Enable Photo Reviews

You will need to enable Review Pictures. In your app admin, go to: Settings>Review Widget> Main Section

1. Click "Edit" button located on the upper right
2. Go to Review Media
3. Click "Review Pictures" button
4. Save Settings


  • After you enable Review Pictures, you can also Enable Picture Reminder Email
  • You can change the order of product photos in the Reviews dashboard. This will help you better showcase the "best" photo, which is especially useful in themes like Leex where only 1 main photo is shown. Simply drag and drop the photos to change the order, and then click on the <Save Photo Order> button that will appear if the order is changed.
  • Reviewers can leave maximum 5 pictures for every review.
  • The widget will show the thumbnails of all pictures for Align theme and Default theme. For shops that use Leex theme, the widget will display the first picture only (but viewers can click on the picture and see the rest of them).
  • Reviewers would be able to leave reviews with pictures on shop's product pages (if empty widgets are not hidden by default). If it's done via request emails, they will be able to add pictures after they complete the initial reviews and got redirected to the product page (we cannot do any other way around because the in-email review forms are not allowed to add pictures).

Supported image formats:

As long as their weight is less than 10mbs, the reviewer can upload images on the following formats:


We use as a CDN for our images (Photos are uploaded to IMGIX servers).

Image upload restrictions:

  • File Size Limits: 10mb 
  • Special Characters: Image files named using special characters and/or image files with names containing characters not included in the English Language, can fail to upload to our application. 

Manage your review pictures

  • In the Reviews Dashboard, you can hide individual review picture (but still publish the review)
  • We will not display the hidden pictures if the review is shared to Facebook.

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