Available for stores with more than 20 verified reviews

The Verified Reviews Count Badge shows the total number of verified reviews you received and can also be linked to your All Reviews Page

How the badge changes at different levels

Level 120 - 49 verified reviews
Level 250 - 99 verified reviews
Level 3100 - 499 verified reviews
Level 4500 - 999 verified reviews
Level 51000 verified reviews and above

Install the Verified reviews count badge


For Online Store 2.0 themes, you can install the Verified reviews count badge using app blocks.

For vintage themes, you can turn on the badge by going to Settings > Other widgets > Verified Reviews Count Badge.

WooCommerceYou can use this shortcode: [jgm-verified-badge]

Add this in Templates > Components > Common > footer.html:

<div class='jdgm-verified-badge-wrapper'></div>

The Verified count badge is not available on Squarespace yet.


In your PrestaShop back office, go to Judge.me configuration page to enable the Verified reviews count badge.