Review Carousel Installation

You can enable the Review Carousel in your app admin: More > Settings > Installation > Review Carousel Installation. The widget will then be automatically added to the bottom of your home page (templates/index.liquid). Upon request, our Theme Concierge will position the Review Carousel according to your preferences.

You can adjust your carousel header by changing the Carousel Title (by default: "") and the Summary Text below the ★★★★★ (by default: "from {{ n }} reviews").

Further Review Carousel Customization

  • Show pictures inside the carousel
  • Show product images or review photos (if available)
  • Position of the slider arrows
  • Review Carousel height
  • Review Carousel width
  • Auto slide Interval: Change time period between slider review cycles
  • Review Carousel image physical size: Used to adjust image resolution (Advanced Feature)
  • Slider arrows color

Feature Reviews for the Review Carousel

In order to show your Review Carousel, you first need to select reviews that you want to feature. (You need to feature at least 1 review for the Carousel to show.)

You can feature reviews in the app settings: Product Reviews > find a review you want to feature > select 'Feature (carousel)' (heart icon). You can un-feature reviews in the same way.

Featured reviews will show a green badge on the left side and you can find them by applying the Featured reviews method. 

Tip: To only see featured reviews, please search for featured in the search box.